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Pulling Focus:

A 2-Day Retreat 

July 26th-28th

An arts-integrative writing experience to help you move forward

Join Cheryl Murfin of Compass Writers and Claire Sheridan of Ignite Your Write to explore new approaches for moving your writing forward. 


You'll walk, play, eat, and write during this 2-day retreat in beautiful West Seattle.


This arts-integrative model does not require any artistic background or ability. Stick figures welcome! 


When: July 26-28, 2024 

Friday evening dinner 7PM to 9:30PM

Saturday 9AM to 5PM

Sunday 9AM to 4PM 


Where: West Seattle, WA 


Who should attend: This retreat is for all writers, whether you're looking to develop a specific piece, overcome writer's block, make some new writing friends, or start a new project. We welcome writers at all stages of their journey—from beginners to seasoned authors. 


Cost: $225 before June 1; $250 after 


What to expect: 

•    Two highly experienced writing group facilitators, Cheryl Murfin & Claire Sheridan 

•    1 simple dinner 

•    2 continental breakfasts 

•    A community of 12 to 14 writers 

•    1 silent walk 

•    Creative activities to help you access your writing 

•    8-10 writing sessions 

•    2 evening experiences of Yoga Nidra as an entryway to writing 

•    2 BYOB lunch conversations (or an hour break for those who prefer) 

•    And all the coffee, tea, or seltzer you can down 


What we hope to achieve: 

We can all use encouragement, no matter where we are on the writing journey—whether just starting out or plowing toward publication. 


Does this sound familiar: Maybe you’ve started a piece and gone with it for a while. Then it suddenly sputters out, but it continues to sit in your writer's craw. Do you have a piece like this that’s nagging at you? Join us!


This retreat is an opportunity to serve writers at different stages. You’re invited to: 

Return to a piece that's been nagging you and move it forward, using the offered exercises and prompts. This retreat is a chance to discuss your project, receive ideas from other writers (as a gift of thought rather than a must-use), and gain encouragement toward completing the work. 




Start a new piece of writing at the beginning of the retreat and help it find its feet throughout the two days. 




Simply enjoy two full days of writing, using some unique approaches and prompts, while receiving encouragement. 


We look forward to writing with you! 


**NOTE this is NOT an in-residence retreat. Participants will need to secure accommodations for the weekend. We are located in the Morgan Junction area of West Seattle.**

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