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Upcoming Workshops

Fire Works

Are you ready to write that draft? Is it time to revise? This six-week program invites you to lean into the power of a community writers focused a similar goal: working on a long-form project.


On Tuesdays, join a small cohort of writers on Zoom. You'll receive open-ended writing prompts, which are designed to add depth to your writing, and time to dig into your writing right then. 


Our tried-and-tested method will help you craft the arc of your story from start to finish, which will save you time and effort in future drafts.


There is no requirement to read outside of the group or to offer written feedback to others. This allows you to keep your attention focused on your own project. During Zoom sessions, you'll have an opportunity to read aloud freshly written work, and to receive feedback from the community—if you choose. Work at your own pace in the company of others. 

Membership in our private Facebook group, where you'll receive ongoing support from your peers, is included.


This program is ideal for writers who are looking for support, accountability and fun as they work on a book-length project.


Ideally, fiction writers will have done some preliminary work on their story concept, and know something about their characters when they enter this program.


Memoirists and non-fiction writers will benefit from having a clearly defined theme they're already exploring.


This is a cyclical program, running in unique 6-week blocks. No two groups receive the same prompts; you can enter the workshop at any stage of your project for a boost of connection and accountability.


Tuesdays November 7th-December 12th 

6:30-8:30PM Eastern/3:30-5:30PM Pacific

$260 USD 


* $225 USD early bird price in effect until October 15th. * 

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Tending the Fire.jpeg

Tending the Fire

For six weeks, enjoy 90 minutes of writing to a selection of prompts, which will spark your imagination and help you tend your creative fire!


Write for the joy of it in a safe and supportive community, hosted by the founders of Ignite Your Write, Anita Allen & Claire Sheridan, both of whom are experienced Amherst Writers & Artists Facilitators.

This workshop is live on Zoom on Thursdays, and offers plenty of fodder for creating new material—ideal for writers of all skills and abilities who are looking for a playful space to practice their craft and build connections within a writing community.


Thursdays November 9th-December 14th 

7:00-8:30PM Eastern/4:00-5:30PM Pacific

$150 USD 


* $125 USD early bird price in effect until October 15th. *

llluminating Your Story.jpeg

Illuminating Your Story

Join emerging and established writers on Zoom, once a week for six weeks, to explore what makes your story tick. In our small 12-person cohort, you'll build a robust foundation for your story using our tried-and-tested approach with built-in craft exercises, targeted prompts, and accountability techniques. By the final session, you’ll have acquired the tools and confidence to launch into your first draft. 


Includes membership in our private Facebook group, where you'll receive ongoing support from your peers.


This program is ideal for writers with an ember of an idea for a book-length project.


**We offer this workshop 3 times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Our next cohort starts in January 2024. Please sign up for our newsletter to get notified of upcoming workshops!

Community Guidelines:


Here at Ignite Your Write, community is at the heart of everything we do. We welcome everyone in our programs and are committed to providing a welcoming space for every participant to explore their creativity. 


  • Always be kind.

  • Confidentiality is expected. Please don’t discuss anyone’s work outside of our group. 

  • Feedback should be focused on what is strong and working well in a piece. Alternatively, if a writer asks for specific feedback, please honor that request and limit your comments to their request—keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. 

  • Be mindful of the integrity of other people’s work. Rather than offer recommendations of how their story “should go,” ask questions. Be curious, not prescriptive. 

  • Always be kind. It’s so important that we said it twice!

We’re here for you. Reach out via email or our Facebook group if you need something. 

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