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Claire Sheridan

AKA: The Pantser

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Black-and-white photograph of dark-haired, light-skinned woman smiling. Ignite leader Claire Sheridan

About Claire

In her previous professional incarnation, Claire’s work centered around crime. Consequently, she's spent a lot of time with folks facing crisis and trauma. She has worked in prisons, courtrooms, and hospitals around the United States.


She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Binghamton University, a master’s degree from Villanova University in criminal justice, and postgraduate courses in criminal justice from Rutgers University. She also holds a professional certificate in private investigation from the University of Washington.


In case you're wondering, all those credentials PLUS $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks—in the event that you like Starbucks (which Claire does not) and/or drink coffee (which Claire definitely does)!

After leaving criminal justice work, she served as lead writer and associate editor of a community magazine, followed by communications coordinator for a legal nonprofit. Then she went completely rogue to focus on creative writing. 

Claire is a member of the Editorial Freelance Association and an Amherst Writers & Artists affiliate.


In addition to co-leading Ignite’s workshops, Claire does freelance work, both as an editor and as a writer. She also works with individuals one-on-one as a story coach. 

When she’s not living in the land of story, you’ll find Claire practicing yoga, swimming, or generally being outdoors while traversing the United States with her not-husband of fifteen years in a vintage Toyota—outfitted with rooftop tent. She enjoys debating about such critical, existential concerns as where to get the best gluten-free chicken wings.

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