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Claire Sheridan

AKA: The Pantser

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About Claire

In her previous professional incarnation, Claire’s work centered around crime. Consequently, she spent a lot of time with folks facing crisis and trauma. She has worked in prisons, courtrooms, and hospitals around the United States. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Binghamton University, a master’s degree from Villanova University in criminal justice, and postgraduate courses in criminal justice from Rutgers University, in addition to a certificate in private investigation from the University of Washington. In case you're wondering, all that PLUS $5 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks—in the event that you like Starbucks (which Claire does not) and/or drink coffee (which Claire definitely does)!

After leaving criminal justice work, she served as lead writer and associate editor of a community magazine, and later she was the communications coordinator for a legal nonprofit—before she went completely rogue to focus on creative writing. 

Claire is a member of the Editorial Freelance Association and an Amherst Writers & Artists affiliate.

In addition to co-leading Ignite’s workshops, Claire does freelance work, both as an editor and as a writer. She also works with individuals one-on-one as a story coach. 

When she’s not living in the land of story, you’ll find Claire practicing yoga, swimming, or generally being outdoors while traversing the United States with her not-husband of fifteen years in a vintage Toyota—outfitted with rooftop tent. She enjoys debating about such critical, existential concerns as where to get the best gluten-free chicken wings.

Claire's Services

Sheridan Writing Services.jpeg

Do you feel like your writing has hit a wall? I hear you. Together, let's open a new door into something different. 

Need someone to listen to your story and brainstorm with? Want to make sure your work is polished and ready to submit? No two stories are the same. Consequently, editing and creativity coaching shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter approach. If you’re looking for a coach or editor whose work will always be tailored to reaching your goals, let's chat and see whether I might be a good fit. This is your story, and I'm excited to help you tell it.


Whether you’re seeking an analysis, editing, or coaching for your writing, I’d love to help.


Here’s what I mean by each of those terms:


An analysis consists of a read-through of your entire piece. After reading your work, I’ll provide you with a written overview, which will include feedback about what’s working, what might be challenging for your reader, and suggestions to help clarify or strengthen your work. Rates are based on the length of your work: 5-page complementary sample; US$1 per double-spaced, typewritten, 12-point font page with 1.5” margins all around. 

My editing consists of a thorough, in-depth reading of your piece. You’ll receive line-by-line feedback through Track Changes in a Word document, including suggestions about shortening, clarifying, or deepening your piece. This may include word-change suggestions, suggestions about rearranging the order of parts of the piece, or identifying gaps in the story. This process also looks at technical aspects of the work, such as word tense and subject/verb agreement. 5-page complementary sample; US$1.75 per double-spaced, typewritten, 12-point font page with 1.5” margins all around.

Coaching is a helpful tool if you’re looking to bounce around your story idea. I’ll provide specific feedback and help you brainstorm about your work. I also love helping other writers get unstuck. If you need encouragement or an accountability coach, let’s schedule a meeting and see if it clicks. 30-minute complementary consultation; US$110 per hour.

If you're ready for the next step, please email me at:

Tell me about your project. Please include: 

•    whether your piece is fiction or non-fiction

•    the topic or genre of the piece

•    approximate word count 

•    any deadlines you’re facing.

First, we'll set a time for an initial, complimentary zoom consultation to determine whether we're a good fit for working together. Once we decide it’s a go, I'll provide you a copy of my Service Agreement with all the details of our working relationship. After that’s done, and I receive your retainer, it’s off to the races!

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