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Ignite Your Write workshops

Ready to write your story?

Do you have a story inside, or maybe just the ember of an idea? Not sure where to begin the process of writing a long-form project or book? We’re here to help.


Join our small, committed community of writers, supporting each other to work through what is often a solitary process—writing your story.


Whether you’re a committed Plotter seeking a path to follow or you’re a Pantser who wants to learn more about what makes a coherent and authentic story tick, our workshops are for you.


We offer structure, accountability, clarity, and the flexibility you need to start or keep writing.


By participating in our workshops, you'll find inspiration for your long-form or book-length project.

Our process is not prescriptive, but inquisitive. Come with a sense of curiosity and discovery, and leave with the conviction necessary to Ignite YOUR Write.

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About Ignite

Ignite Your Write is the multi-national brainchild of two very different writers: a Canadian Plotter Anita Allen and an American Pantser Claire Sheridan.
What happens when a Plotter and a Pantser collide? Creative sparks fly. Working together, we found the middle ground—with just the right amount of scaffolding and lots of creative freedom.
We banked the fire by testing our program with an amazing, committed group of established and emerging writers from different genres. With peer support, amazing things happened.
Ignite Your Write was born.
Writers were on fire, and now you can be too!
We invite you to join us on this journey. No damaging workshopping after which it'll take years to recover your will to write. No harsh critique. Just a creative, supportive community, meeting in small groups on Zoom, coming together to learn craft, and doing what it takes to get words on the page.
Do you want to light your fire? Start here!

Questions? Please drop us a line at:



Barbara Krasner, Ph.D., M.F.A.
"This workshop provides more than guidance on how to write a novel in 90 days. It provides a community to raise and resolve issues and the sense that a writer does not have to isolate herself to produce work. The exercises/prompts allow for deepening insights into characters, plot, setting — all the necessary elements of craft — and also reflections on the writer's personal process. Both are priceless."

Barbara Krasner, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Author, educator, speaker


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