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Ready to write that book?

Do you have a story inside, maybe just a spark of an idea? Not sure where to begin the process of writing a book? We’re here to help. Join our small, committed community of writers, supporting each other to work through what is otherwise often a solitary process — starting YOUR novel.


Whether you’re a committed plotter seeking a path to follow or you’re a pantser who wants to learn more about what makes a coherent and authentic story tick, this workshop is for you. You’ll find the structure, accountability, clarity, and flexibility you need to start your book.


By the end of our six-week module — The Pre-Writing Workshop — you'll find that our tested methods for storytelling and character development have set you up for a confident dive into your first draft. The process is not prescriptive, but inquisitive. Come with a sense of curiosity and discovery, and leave with the conviction needed to ignite YOUR first draft.


Module 1: The Pre-Writing Workshop

Starts: June 01, 2023
Ends:  July 06, 2023
            Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 EDT (3:30-5:30 PDT)
Max Participants: 12

Join both emerging and established writers on Zoom once a week for six weeks to explore what makes your story tick. In our small 12-person cohort, you'll be building a robust foundation for your story using our tried-and-tested approach with built-in craft exercises, targeted prompts, and accountability techniques. By the final session, you’ll have acquired the tools and confidence to launch into your first draft. Includes membership in our private Facebook group, where you'll receive ongoing support from your peers.

Module Bonus: We are excited to welcome acclaimed and multi-award-winning Canadian writer Lauren Carter as a guest speaker on June 8. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay current on upcoming workshop modules and writing opportunities.

Early Bird Rate: $399 US*


*499 afer May 15, 2023

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Interested in joining Module 1?

Are you ready to set your book idea on fire? Tell us about it. Our process works with emerging and established writers who are ready to make the leap into a large project. Whether you are seeking help with refining your idea, breaking it down into manageable bites, or need community support to get it done, we can help. Tell us about yourself below.


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“Storytelling is a personal and revealing art. You

write stories to express

the truth as you see it.”


              ~Daniel Joshua Rubin

 Multimedia Writer & Storyteller

About Us

About Us

What happens when a plotter and a pantser collide? Creative sparks fly. Working together, Anita and Claire found middle ground with just the right amount of scaffolding and lots of creative freedom. Ignite Your Write was born. They banked the fire by testing their program with a group of established and emerging writers from different genres for 14 weeks. With peer support, amazing things happened. And join us on this journey. No workshopping. No critique. Writers were on fire — and now you can be too!

Anita Allen Although neurotypical, Anita is part of a vibrant neurodiverse family, a trait shared by at least one of the family pets. Her writing explores the intersection of neurodiversity and mental health, intergenerational trauma and breaking cycles. She has been offering writing workshops and retreats for the past six years, merging her passions for wellness and creativity. Anita is a Certified Coach, Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) facilitator and graduate of The Humber School for Writers, The Sarah Selecky Writing School, and Spark Your Story Intensive, where she received mentorship from award-winning Canadian authors Rowan McCandless and Nicole Breit. In her spare time, she does laundry, procrasti-knits, and enjoys doggy cuddles.

Anita Allen, Writing Workshop Facilitator

Photo Credit: Mike Oksman

Claire Sheridan is a US-based freelance writer, editor, and an AWA-certified writing group facilitator. She enjoys debating about policy, current events, and critical existential concerns such as the best gluten-free cookie recipe. After a career in crime, working with victims and offenders, she prefers being outdoors — far from prisons, hospitals, offices, and other institutions dedicated to trauma and discomfort.


Questions? Reach out to us at

Claire Sheridan, Writing Workshop Facilitator


Barbara Krasner, Ph.D., M.F.A.
"This workshop provides more than guidance on how to write a novel in 90 days. It provides a community to raise and resolve issues and the sense that a writer does not have to isolate herself to produce work. The exercises/prompts allow for deepening insights into characters, plot, setting — all the necessary elements of craft — and also reflections on the writer's personal process. Both are priceless."

Barbara Krasner, Ph.D., M.F.A.

Author, educator, speaker


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